Safety Boots

Polly Boot , besides its light, flexible and comfortable use with its air transferring structure and with protective side pads, heel support and shock absorbing heel, self-cleaning sole tread pattern and interlining made of high quality polyurethane lamination and optionally offered impact resistant steel toe caps , anti-puncture steel midsole plates which protects your feet from sharp objects , it has strong preference in almost every sector, where safety and ease of use is important.


Polyurethane Safety Boots

Polly boot is much lighter and long lasting compared to any similar product. It is eco-friendly with its polyurethane raw material. It protects your feet’s health by its breathing structure. It has heat isolation. It provides safety with its steel toe cap and steel midsole. Polly boot has antistatic feature.

High Quality Polyurethane Lamination

Flexible and comfortable usage with its air transferring structure, heel support and shock absorbing heel, self cleaning sole tread pattern with TPU.

Safety First

Impact resistant steel toe caps, anti puncture steel midsole plates and interlining with high quality polyurethane lamination and easy usage.


It has strong preference in almost every sector, where safety footwear are required.

Use Area

  • Agriculture and Stock Breeding
  • Construction
  • Natural Stone Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Mining

  • Hunting and Fishery
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Health Sector
  • General Usage


Shock Absorbers

You need high-performance shock absorbers for the health of your feet.
Recently Engineers and researchers have needed to test and measure several materials and raw materials for
design and performance of shock and back pressure. At present footwear are subject to an impact ten times
more than the bodyweight, therefore it is anticipated by customers that producers innovate and supply products
with complex sole structure which have high perfoming technology, not tiring, but providing maximum comfort.

Why is Sole Boot?

Soles of the shoes and boots tend to slip according to the characteristics of the environment, where they are
used. As the result of slipping the individuals may loose the balance and face the risk of an accident. While there
are good number of factors that cause slipping, the significant criteria are the outsole pattern of the boot and the
characteristics of the floor.

All Over The World

With an annual production capacity of 400 thousand pairs of occupational and work safety boots, our company presents the most reliable and accurate products to his valued customers, by having compliance with international standards, controllability at every stage of production in the very modern Polly boot factory and R&D and Quality Testing Laboratory.

Custom Boots

Polly Boot Occupational and Work Safety Boots are manufactured with the product-specific microcellular structure polyurethane that enables constant air transfer inside the boots. Thus, it helps to preserve the health of your feet and avoids moisture and bacteria growth.


The boots are produced with the technical superiority and with special polyurethane raw material, develop in Polly Boots R&D and Quality Testing Laboratory, have quite high performance and are very durable against organic oils, Industrial oils, wastes from animal agriculture, food & fish processing and wastes at sea and resistant to mild chemicals.
Polyurethane based Polly Boot Occupational and Work safety Boots, having microcellular structure, which is also termed “air bubbled structure” makes the boots exceptionally lightweight, more durable, flexible and comfortable to wear. By providing a continuous flow of air transfer these bubbles maintain the heat of your feet in winter and summer avoiding accumulation of cold or warm air inside the boot. Polly Boot boots keep the flexibility and durableness even at minus 50 C. With its flexible feature it enables easy and comfortable use and Polly Boot products are much lighter compared to other boots. The robust structure and lightweight of Polly Boot boots strengthen you to do your work tirelessly and to remain fresh throughout the workday.
Sener Sengul

Chest Or Thigh Wader


Polly Boot Alfa is always one step ahead in presenting advantages in all conditions. By using the Orion Thigh Wader of Polly Boot, which are highly durable against tearing and abrasion and made in combination of quality boots with light and casual waterproof nylon material.


• Highly Resistant To Tearing And Abrasion
• Light And Comfortable Nylon Material
• Seams Are Strengthened With Welded Bands
• Double-Wrapped Adjustable Belt With Clips
• Double-Wrapped Knee Protecting Pads
• Inside Pocket For Multipurpose Use

Use Area

• Fishery
• Hunting
• Water and Sewage
• Gardening and Garbage Collecting Works

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